The Kmer Rouge Genocide

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History always repeats itself. From world wars to economic slumps and even genocides, there is always evil and corruption present where the goal is to obtain power. In order to claim power, evil must oppress the innocent, even if the innocent attempts to break loose, evil continues to push down. An example of evil’s oppression is the genocide that occurred in the 1970’s. A communist group known as the Khmer Rouge invaded Cambodia to transform its society into a communist agrarian society (Cambodian Genocide). The Khmer Rouge believed that all Cambodians must work as one huge federation of collective farmers. Anyone who opposed this was killed. If anyone questioned what the Khmer Rouge was doing, didn't work or showed any emotion, they were killed. The Khmer Rouge wanted equality among the people. The Khmer Rouge also questioned its own members, and frequently executed members for suspicions of treason. Survival in Cambodia was determined by one’s ability to work. Therefore, Cambodia’s elderly, handicapped, ill, and children suffered. If someone wore glasses, they were considered an intellectual who would cause trouble and therefore was killed. If they had a watch, they were considered wealthy and killed (McCormick). Before that in 1934, a rival to Stalin, Sergey Kirov, was murdered. Stalin was accused of being behind the assassination, and he used this as an excuse to arrest thousands of people. Who, in his words, “could have been responsible for Kirov's murder

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