The Knife Essay By Richard Sel

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After I get myself in a dangerous situation I learn two things: One is that I must manage the situation or give up and die and the other one that I must acquire the ability to enjoy the things that matter. When I think about this issue, I manage to reflect on experiences that I have been through. For example, when I’ve been working in a high-story building. In the beginning, I thought I was born with a natural spider man abilities. Not that I like to swing from building to building holding on only to a spider web. However, I curse the easiness in which heights do not frighten me whatsoever. Although being on top of a twenty-story building and observing the world gives me the satisfaction and freedom that only comes from being that far from humanity.
I remember the first time I was up there. The control station that guides airplanes at the Ocala Airport. We had to go through the inside of the building to bring our equipment up. We passed though elevators, corridors, stairs, and hallways. There wasn’t any other way to get to the highest point to set up our gear. In the end, we finally made it. As we came out of the station I walked through a door and into a metal grill where I saw the view from twenty stories high. Although there is a metal fence that kept us from falling, it
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Where he describes cutting into people’s skin. He moves from one argument to another rendering his audience to feel the parts inside the human being as if they were there. When he starts to cut through someone’s skin he writes “The flesh parts, away to yellow globules of fat.” I turn back time and feel the adrenaline that I get when I am in a very high place form his words that describe blood and liquids inside the body. This type of descriptive mentality opens way to my own experiences and allows me to see them from another perspective. As if my eyes were made for a magnifying glass that allows me to minimize the worlds
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