The Knight Of Light By The Greenest Grass

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Chapter 1: The Knight of Light
The Knight of Light

Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, there was a small kingdom that had a sky of the bluest blue, and was surrounded by the greenest grass which was decorated by every flower you could imagine.

Within this kingdom there was a village that was filled with happiness, and everyone who lived there was always smiling, for they loved their little village. They loved the blue skies, they loved the green grass that was decorated by every flower you could imagine, and they loved their kingdom.

But what the villagers loved most was their beautiful queen. She was a wonderful and benevolent woman who lived in an enormous pure white castle just outside of the village. From there she would stand on the balcony of her tallest tower every day and she would wave down to her subjects, glowing with beauty and grace. Everyone in the kingdom adored their queen, because for many years her kindness and her goodness had given her a magical glow that brought endless joy to her kingdom.

But then one day, something terrible took place in the the joyous kingdom. A Darkness came, and it flooded into the village. The green grass turned brown and sickly, it 's many flowers dying in seconds when it was touched by the Darkness.

The terrible being then spread to the village, where food began to rot, water dried up into dust, and animals ran for the woods in terror. The villagers cried out in fear, their children weeping, the adults screaming, and…

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