The, Knowledge, And The Human Condition

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Counter-Transference After listening to this book, I have identified several themes that are interwoven throughout the book. There are three main themes that are incorporated in the book are sin, knowledge, and the human condition. The first theme, sin, is depicted by the presence of the strong Judeo-Christian origin this country was built on. As we see through Hester’s experience; and with the reaction from society, Christianity was deeply rooted into their culture. As I listened to the some of the adversities Hester faces, it brings me to some experiences of my own. Like Hester being inundated with Christian beliefs, I was also engulfed by the Christian mindset. I was raised as a Christian, but more specifically as a Mormon. I was taught similar morals, values, and beliefs. I was also condemned for similar choices Hester made. I was isolated from the world around me, and was completely alone. I have felt that unbearable judgement come from friends, family, and society. As a result of my trials, my perception about the world changed forever. This brings me to my second theme, knowledge. Like Hester; through my own tribulations, I became knowledgeable about life. Even though I had developed a sense of stoicism, I was able to evolve in a way that was unexpected. I was able to cultivate a new level of passionate intellect about human nature, social organizations, and morality. I was able to see for the first time in my life that not all human beings were good. This idea
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