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The concept and name –“Knowledge Management”—was started and familiar in the business world during the last decade of the 20th century. It was the business world that first recognizes the importance of knowledge in the “global economy” of the “knowledge age”. In the new information economy, the possession of related and strategic knowledge and its constant renewal enables businesses to gain aggressive advantage. The applications of knowledge management have now spread to other organizations including supervision agencies, research and development departments, universities and others.
"Libraries deal with the knowledge and the mission of the libraries is the knowledge management. Knowledge can be divided in two categories,
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Biddiscombe (2001) believes that the hybrid library poses the need for “hybrid” information professionals. Although it is difficult for one person to acquire a large number of skills, he states that every modern librarian must be able to recognize informational needs, manage users and encourage people with different skills to work in the same team. This study aims to present two types of Dynamic capabilities like 1, Professional capability, 2. Generic capability possessed by the library professionals working in University Libraries. Different types of Dynamic capability will make library professionals more efficient managers of network resources and services.


Knowledge management is generally tacit to mean the sharing of knowledge inside or outside of an association. There is no agreed definition of Knowledge Management, even among practitioners. The term is used loosely to refer to a broad collection of organizational practices and approaches related to generate, capture, and disseminate know-how and other content relevant to the organization’s business. Knowledge is no just an explicit tangible “thing”, like information, but information combined with experience, context, explanation and indication.

Jennifer Rowlay stated, “Knowledge management is concerned with the exploitation of an organization. Organizations that succeed in knowledge management are likely to view

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