The Knowledge Of Motor Learning

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It is important for teachers to understand and use a variety of teaching styles so that they are able to fit the needs of each student. Different teaching styles are good to know and use because then you are able to do different things with your curriculum to benefit your students. One single teaching style isn’t going to work every day in your classroom. Teachers are faced with different situations and students where you may need to use a different teaching style that works for a particular student or the whole class. The knowledge of motor learning can help teachers maximize student learning in physical education because it will guide the teacher on how to make the curriculum and activities appropriate for students. By understanding how students differ in learning motor skills can help teachers effectively plan lesson plans where students can succeed. Mechanical principles are taught in elementary physical education so that students learn the principles the correct way at a young age so when they get older it is mastered and won’t have to be retaught. These principles help teachers because when they are taught at a certain age how to do these principles the students will get better by doing them which can help the future teachers out. It can help students because they will already know how to do the principles so they can move on to different challenging principles. The college learning environment differs from an appropriate learning environment for elementary physical
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