The Knowledge Of One 's Self Essay

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The ability to understand the knowledge of one’s self is a helpful skill and can be very useful in life and in new situations. When one becomes aware of their own cognitive process, it helps them to fully understand how their brain interprets information and how they can retain that information, leading to a clear advance in their academic performance. Many strategies can be used to develop the skill of metacognition, but the main ones include questioning one’s thought process, using and organizing one’s notes in a way to effectively collect the information that was given, and developing a level of critical thinking when analyzing material. A student that is able to analyze key information from material will be able to gain a better understanding of it and will be easier to remember. Questioning main concepts that are present within the reading help to break down the significant material into easier to remember information. Asking questions such as “What is the main idea the material is trying to portray?” can help to initiate the thinking process that the reader needs to use when analyzing a piece of reading (2016). This helps the reader to get a main idea of the topic and analyze the material they are reading, triggering an easier response when a student comes across the subject on a test. A student that tries to interpret the way the writer thinks is able to grasp the style and ideas that the writer is showing within a text. A similar question that can be asked is “What
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