The Knowledge Of Sociology Of The School

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The aim of this paper is to share the knowledge of sociology of the school as well as that of the community. The paper is aimed at equipping the undergraduate student with the knowledge of the roles of the teachers in the two societies. The paper helps to reduce the over assumption of the teachers ' roles in the two societies and bring a wider understanding of their roles within societies. In studying the sociology of the school, the relationship between members of the school society is brought to understanding as the roles teachers re well expanded. This helps students as well understand their roles as participants in the school society. In the community, teachers have a wide role of family management as well as the community based roles the teacher has to carry out. The paper this explores the need for the undergraduate student to understand these concepts in order to avoid possible conflicts of interests that arises in the community. Besides the paper equipping the general knowledge of the entire sociology members, the papers specifically opens a chance for undergraduate teacher, students to understand their roles in the two societies. Introduction Roles are the assigned duties individual are expected to take in a given society. In a school and community, teachers have wide assigned duties they are expected to accomplish by the end of a given period of time interval of teaching and learning process. The role varies from those that are curriculum oriented to the
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