The Knowledge Sharing ( Ks ) Patterns Among Students Of Arts Faculty Essay

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The purpose of this paper is to explore the Knowledge Sharing (KS) patterns among the students of Arts faculty, University of Dhaka (DU). In order to investigate the KS patterns, a structured questionnaire was used which includes different parameters such as; background information of the respondents, their purposes, frequency, preferred channels, benefits and motivators for Knowledge Sharing. The data were collected from total number of 372 students and later analyzed using SPSS and Microsoft Excel. The study revealed that, majority of the students of Arts faculty shares their knowledge for self-satisfaction. Although, largest numbers of the students also believe knowledge Sharing help them to create new knowledge and ideas, while, learning from each other is their prime motivator for KS.
Keywords: Knowledge Sharing (KS), Knowledge Sharing patterns, Information exchange, University of Dhaka (DU), Bangladesh.
KS amongst employees in organizations are widely recognized as an important aspect for its potential towards developing the performance of the organizations and its competitive advantages . Therefore, the study of KS is dominated by those focusing on KS activity within the business organizations. Obviously, the ultimate goal of organizational knowledge sharing in these institutions is profit-motivated. However, the issue of KS is equally important for a knowledge -based institution, such as a university, where knowledge production, distribution and
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