The Knowledge of Students at Conestoga College on Cyber Bullying

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Method:- The aim of this research was to further valuable insight into the knowledge of students at Conestoga College regarding the cyber bullying? The purpose of the study was to find out if students are aware of the college policies, laws regarding the cyber bullying. The study about cyberbullying was conducted by doing a research at the Doon Campus of Conestoga College. To conduct the study on Cyber Bullying a survey method was employed by the researchers. The survey method has been used to gather some context regarding cyber bullying within the college. The survey consisted of the qualitative and quantitative scale questions on participant’s views on the cyber bullying, legislations and college policies against cyber bullying and how frequently it may happen within the college. A survey was given to students in different classes on the Doon Campus of Conestoga College. The participants were all the students from different programs enrolled in full time or part time courses at Conestoga College.. In order to conduct the survey at college, an application was written to the Research Ethics Board for their permission to involve Human Participants in research. The ethical considerations were given high priority prior to conducting a survey. The agreements were created in order to hold the survey anonymous, confidential and secure. A copy of the survey and the PowerPoint presentation was attached to the application which would inform the students of their rights and

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