The Kokopelli Stop Is A Family Owned And Operated Business Venture

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Organizational Tenets
The Kokopelli Stop is a family owned and operated business venture comprised of educated and ethical individuals who exhibit high levels of creativity. The founder, Amanda Morter, believes in ethical business management and giving back to the community in which an organization operates.
Vision Statement:
The vision of The Kokopelli Stop is to provide customers with an eclectic collection of the most beautiful and unique home décor, antiques, authentic Native American jewelry, Native American crafts, and share the gifts and talents of unknown artists in Texas.
Mission Statement:
The mission of the Kokopelli Stop is to provide the most beautiful and unique home décor, antiques, authentic Native American jewelry,
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• Reliability of vendors and suppliers that offer high quality merchandise at wholesale and bulk prices.
• Highly Creative, Knowledgeable, and Socially Intelligent Staff.
• Unique, Beautiful retail space that offers high visibility and welcoming atmosphere.
• Strong skills in Interior Design and Product Presentation.
• Interest in the shop from local citizens, artists, craftsman, vendors, local realtors, and designers.
• Unique, high quality products.
• Adaptability to market changes is high due to the diversity of products and evolving product offerings.
• Access to capital.
• Cash flow is not predicable.
• New venture is in a highly competitive area.
• Location requires high volume of specific demographics marketing.
• Space is not furnished.
• Lack of designated parking for customers.
• Local artists and craftsmen looking for opportunities to display and sell their work.
• Four festivals each year bring in over 10,000 shoppers from outside of the village, who can spread the word about the shop.
• Benefiting from high levels of traffic and visibility due to location and festivals.
• The demographic is hungry for new shopping options on Main Street.
• Increasing sales opportunities beyond the village due to the opening of two new exits off I-35 between Austin and Dallas.
• New high speed internet in the village will allow for solid internet
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