The Koran

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The Koran reveals many truths to the people of the Islamic faith. However, some ideas are outdated for current times because of the inequality they create among the difference of peoples. The most prevalent of these ideas is the difference between the roles and treatment of men and women. In a Muslim society, the men are given more rights to freedom than women because of the word written in The Koran. For example, women within the Muslim culture are required to follow the law of Hijab, which requires themselves to cover the entirety of their body in fabric as to not attract the gaze of male eyes. Evidence of these rules exist in Surah 24, verse 31, where it states, “Enjoin believing women to turn their eyes away from temptation and to…show more content…
This is demonstrated in Surah four, which states, “You people! Fear your lord, who created you from a single soul. From that soul He created its spouse and through them He bestrewed the earth with countless men and women.” (pg. 50) The fact that men and women originated from the same soul begs the question as to why women are inferior to their spiritual counter-parts. In Christianity, women are made from Man’s rib, which could allow for some sort of inferiority complex between man and woman because woman are thought to only be a piece of the “original” male body that God created. However, women are not thought of as this tremendously inferior throughout their spiritual tradition, but there is still some resemblance of inferiority within the actual church. Islam preaches that even though the two are created from the same undeniably holy soul that one must obey the other without question. This fundamental truth contradicts the statuses of man and woman because their souls are equal, but they are not. It is thought of in most religions that our soul is the purest most holy part of our existence, so believing that Islam is one of the world’s largest religions, it is hard to fathom why women are forced to be so obedient to man. However, this could also be an earlier revelation of Muhammad, or perhaps like the bible’s new testament, it was a
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