The Korean Economy During the Korean War of 1950

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How did Korean economy changed before and after the Korean War of 1950? The investigation seeks to compare the North Korea and South Korea in terms of how successful they were before and after the war. The main body of this investigation outlines the government they will choose to rule the country. The changes of economy will then be analyzed, the people each countries choose to be their ruler also the effects on U.S, China, and Soviet Unions. Two of the sources used in this essay, interview of my dad and The History of Korea, are then evaluated in terms of bias, purpose, and limitation. B Summary of evidence (5 marks) As Korea earned their independence from Japanese, the Korea got divided into two nations (North Korea and South Korea). In February 1946, The Provisional People’s Committee for North Korea was established along with Kim Il Sung being the head of it. Just like many other communist leaders, he talked about the advance of North Korea and how he will change the country. He introduced sweeping land reforms and nationalizes more of key industries. Kim Il Sung started a land reform program in the year of 1946. Many poor civilians and agricultural laborers were under the people’s committee as Kim Il Sung being the leader of it. Due to this program, many landlords have lost their land because Kim Il Sung said the rich should have same amount of land as the poor. This caused approximately 400,000 North Koreans to move to South Korea. As Kim Il Sung took more lands,
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