The Korean K Pop Group

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Everyone has seen a music video at least once in their life, whether young or old, or on MTV or YouTube. Music videos require a combination of a beautiful song and visually pleasing graphics that uses pathos and ethos in order to capture the attention of the audience. The Korean K-pop group BTS utilizes pathos and ethos in their music video for their song “I Need U”. Bangtan Sonyeondan, Bulletproof Boys, or simply BTS, is a seven-member K-pop group formed under Big Hit Entertainment in 2013. “I Need U” is the title track of the first album in the three-part album series titled The Most Beautiful Moment in Life. The song was created by BTS members in order to convey the message that youth is the most stressful period of one’s life, although by overcoming difficult obstacles it is also the best time of life. BTS’ music video for the song “I Need U” makes use of ethos and pathos in such a way that provides viewers with a new perspective on youth. BTS’ audience consists of teenagers and young adults whom of which enjoy listening to hip-hop and Korean music. Many of the Korean group’s songs address issues the average youth faces, including their debut song, called “No More Dream”, which depicts the members struggling to discover their purpose in life. They speak out against teachers and adults who tell them that they need to receive an education, then get a job as a desk jockey without fulfilling their dream or being truly happy. “I Need U” continues to appeal to a younger
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