The Korean War

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During the times of the 1950’s the whole world was in a state of unrest, the downfall of Hitler in Europe had left an enormous swath of land that was half occupied by the allies and half occupied by the USSR(Union of Soviet Socialist Republics) which were communist. On the other side of the world in the pacific theater Japan had succumbed to the force of the United States and was defeated leaving all their conquered territory up for grabs. A specific region of interest that was given up by Japan were the Koreas which were divided into two countries that we know today as North Korea and South Korea. Conflicts erupted between both the communist north and the capitalist south, North Korea invaded South Korea and the United States had to step in to defend Korea against the overwhelming odds of the communist forces of China and Russia. This being said the intervention of the U.S. into the Korean War was vital to the preservation of South Korea from becoming a communist dictatorship, the saving of thousands of lives, and most importantly to stop the advance of communism around Asia.
What started the Korean War? During the time of the Korean War communism was an enormous threat that was sweeping across Asia at an alarming rate that terrified many western countries including the United States. Following the end of the war in the Pacific with Japan, all of the territories previously owned by the Japanese were returned to their initial owners before the war. Except for Korea the…

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