The Korean War

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In this research paper I will take you through the Korean War. This war was a war that showed how two sides of an issue or country could fight so fiercely and for so long and never see a clear or determined winner between the two of them. Before you move onto the next portion of this paper, let me warn you that some of the scenes that will be described, may be disturbing to you or any other readers. [i]The one and only cause of this gruesome and everlasting war was the invasion of South Korea by the United Nations. The North had been pushed out of the South with the help of the United Nations. This help that was given by The United Nations resulted in an occurrence or happening. This was the attempts by The…show more content…
It is still manned today and is fully operational from both sides of the zone. This war had many effects on many people around the world. This war really set the tone for the rest of the Cold War, which was to be played out through the next decade. Also it demolished the economy in Korea due to all of the fighting and how it was looked down upon by most of the world. One last effect that this war had on Korea was that it lost more than 4 million people during this war and at least 2/3 of those people were civilians. In conclusion, this war was one of the bloodiest wars of the 20th century and it brought a lot of heartache to people around the world. Yes, this war demolished a lot of things but in reality it needed to be fought because without it, the fighting would be much more intense than it is today and we may have to sacrifice even more lives from our country to fight and defend for the good of others around the world. [i] (Accessed May 16, 2013) Last Modified- June 18th, 2012 [ii] ( Accessed May 17, 2013) Last Modified- 2013 [iii] ( Accessed May 18, 2013) Last Modified- 2010-2013 [iv] ( Accessed May 19,

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