The Korean War : The Forgotten War

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The Korean War, also known as the “Forgotten War” began on June 25, 1950. On that day, about 75,000 soldiers from North Korean, with the help and advice from the Soviet Union, cross the 38th parallel. The 38th parallel is “the boundary between the Soviet-backed Democratic People’s Republic of Korea to the north and the pro-Western Republic of Korea to the south” ( Within three days, the North Korean People’s Army was able to capture Seoul, the capital of South Korea. This invasion marked the beginning of the Cold War. Fearing the spread of Communism, the United Nations and United States agreed to send troops to South Korea, and on the 1st of July 1950, American troops arrived to South Korea to help the democratic South Korean to fight against the North Korean communist invasion. The Americans goal was to prevent the spread of Communism. The People’s Republic of China, led by Mao Ze Dong, also became involved to North Korean’s aid. After millions of combat casualties on both side, the Panmunjom Peace talks became effective and the war ended peacefully in July 1953. Casualties of the North Korean and the Chinese were much higher than casualties of the South Korean, the Americans and the British. Till today, the 38th parallel continues to divide North and South Korea, where North Korea still remains communist and South Korea continues to be democratic. For this oral history project, I interviewed my grandfather’s brother, in which I never knew he was a Korean War

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