The Kowloon Dairy Ltd.

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The Kowloon Dairy Ltd. introduction Nowadays,Consumers firms are successfully introduce a new product line to the market,we begins by introducing the milk food to a select group of consumers who hae baby and considered te health products in Hong Kong , One of the most important factors in growing a thriving business is The Kowloon Dairy Ltd ability to continually present their customers with a fresh, diverse product line,this is the chance to introducing the new food product line especially infant milk for children and baby with the brand name''Kowloon Dairy slogan

Company Background
Kowloon Dairy Limited is one of three dairy producers
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Taylor(2004,p1) emphasizes the advantages connected to this strategy instead of brand creation as following

Consumer trust
Kowloon Dairy is the existing well-known-strong health brands and represent of quality and safe-for the consumer,thus the extension will benefit from this opinion about the brand create a compelling value propostion in a new target customer and markets.Catherine viot agrees to this concept when she considers that the customer is expecting to transfer his information from the brand to the extension.if the general opinion about the brand is faourable,the behaviour regarding the extension should be the positiove as well.

Lower cost compared to launching a new brand,brand extension strategy is cheaper especially because the new product usw the name of already well-known brand.For example,Kowloon Dairy have a stable market share,the adertisment budget can be easily assessed for brand extension and smaller than for the new brands.

Enhancement of brand visibility when our new brand extension apperars in another field it can be a more effective and efficient brand-building apporach than spending money on adertvising,in addition,the loyal customers will be strength because this can convince that we have ability to enhance our product variety.

Successful line extension can also be considered successful if it generates added value to the brand itself,Line extension featuring new

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