The Ku Klux Klan ( Kkk )

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The Ku Klux Klan (KKK) came into being in 1865 and was widespread in the southern states of the USA. It was founded by former Confederate veterans in Pulaski, Tennessee. It was a movement, formed after the civil war of America, to oppress the Republican Party’s policies of reconstruction. Few years after its formation, the movement engaged in war, fear and hatred in the war-ravaged south. The group’s activities during this period have had adverse effects on the American society that still haunt them to date (Southern Poverty Law Centre, 2011). Racial supremacy was the driving force of the group’s initial driving force. Ku Klux Klan objectives aimed at re-establishing white authority throughout America. The southern states were characterized by lawlessness and violence in an attempt to intimidate the black community and sympathizers of the Republican’s policies of slavery abolishment. The group has been powerful and very evident twice in the American history (Southern Poverty Law Centre, 2011). In this paper, we will concentrate on the movement’s activities and defining moments from 1865 to 1900. The above is the first period of the clan widely known as the first Klan. The paper looks at how the group contributed to the reestablishment of white supremacy in the social, political and economic life of the South America. The goals and tactics of the clan led to bloody events that shaped the socio-economic and political lifestyle of both white and black Southern Americans. The
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