The Kuali Financial System: Case Scenarios

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Kuali Scenario 3: Route for Approval This scenario is a continuation from scenario 2 (Kuali Test Drive). Login in under khuntley and went to the Action Request page. It showed two users having the eDoc in the action lists. I clicked on the names in the "Requested Of" column to pull up a screen that the Person Inquiry revealed the ID of the approvers. I returned to the Transfer of Funds screen. The backdoor ID login is only in the test drive and not in the application (Kuali Test Drive Manual). I login in with the approver IDs and clicked on the Action List. The action list appears as an email list. The document ID opened for review. I clicked approve. I repeated these actions for the second account. The page returned to the Action List. I clicked on search and logged in as day in the initiator field. I clicked search. The documents were showing as final. I clicked on the Route Log next to the Transfer of Funds. The route log showed document as final, completed by day, and approved by Jacobs and Kozlowski, the approvers. It also showed no Further Actions Requested. Scenario 4: General Ledger Balance Inquiry From the main menu, I clicked General Ledger Balance. It showed a screen with the General Ledger Balance. I entered BL in the chart field, 0142900 in the account field and clicked "All" nest to the Include Pending Ledger Entry. I then, clicked search. It displayed the General Ledger Balances. I clicked on Amount in the October field. It displayed the Ledger entry

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