The Kuali Foundation and Information Flow

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In any corporation there is a constant flow of information. This flow of information may happen in any of the following forms: upwards, downwards, vertically, horizontally, outward, and inward. The flow of information that an organizations tends to choose or adopt is dependent on the organizations structure and mode of operation. The Kuali foundation is a non profit type of organization that has a mission of enbaling the generation of administrative software aimed at fufilling the needs of colleges and other educational institutions.The Kuali Foundation has maintained good relations with other organizations such as the University of Cambridge and Indiana providing a strong foundation for a solid partnership. To start with, what is information flow? Information flow is the transmission of data from one place to another via a device or a person. Language or compliler based mechanisms control the flow of information. Certainty needs to exist within the exchange of data in order for information flow to take place. The data exchanged doesn't always have to be certain, but there needs to be a level of certainty in order for the data to be accepted and reviewed. As mentioned before, the flow of information for any corporation can take on various forms in order to serve the needs of the corporation. Horizontal information flow is the correspondence that takes place between people of the same level in terms of position in the organization. It can be thought of as peer to peer

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