The Kudler Fine Foods Compensation Rates

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The Kudler Fine Foods Compensation Rates The labor market of retail industries Introduction The retail sectors are specializing in the selling of products that the consumers need in specific times and places. However, it is hardly the retailer's responsibility to produce the goods. The retailers just act agents, as they get the products to the consumers. Industrial retailing will focus more on the sale of small quantities of the products to the buyers. Transformational processes are not integrated in the retailing processes, as the retailers neither produce nor manufacture any goods. Initially, retailing was just transacted in stores and shop. Presently, technological upgrades and developments have affected the retailing process positively, leading to the use of electronics to do transactions. In most cases, the retailers will transact with cash specifically during payment of the products (Retail Council of Canada, 2009). History of the Kudler Fine Foods (Summation) The Kudler Fine Foods (KFF) specializes in the retailing of grocery and other edibles from 1998, when its official founder and owner, Kathy officially conceptualized the first store at La Jolla, which is located in California. Just two years after that, the next store was in Del Mar. The stores gained momentum and opened their third store in Encinitas. All the Kudler stores are of high quality, with regards to the services provided and also the fashionable trends adopted by the company. Currently, the stores

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