The Kumbira

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(AUGUST 14-18)


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The word Kumbira itself it sounds interesting; because it is the contest of different categories in different schools. It is a culinary contest which developed and enhanced the capability and capacity of each competitors and it is the competition of Student category and a chef categories. It is not my first time now so I expect more than last year competition. An awesome decoration, designs even colourful cake decoration. I Expect I can see those lovely table set ups and even those carving designs with its uniqueness and those cute cup cakes as well as the live
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She told me to eat our breakfast and be ready going to Limketkai. Maam Grace called me in the telephone that I must be ready at 9:00 a.m because we were going to the Limketkai for the registration about my entry which is BAR GARNISHES. So at exactly 9:00 a.m we depart in the Apartel and directly went to the registration booth, Maam Grace approached the staff of the Kumbira and after for how many minutes of chatting, Maam Grace called my attention and told me that I cannot present because we are late. I felt discouraged and dismay because of the efforts I made it, but God give me strength to face those challenge, I never cry because for God there’s a purpose why I cannot present. Instead of being discouraged I focused to the things which I can learn like observing those who perform live competition, those displays which are beautiful and awesome, how they decorate and give their different theme for their set up. Yes it is not easy task and challenge to enter Kumbira because not one, but more than 5 competitors you have in different schools. We take pictures and buy some t-shirt for ourselves. Before we continue our loitering we ate our lunch in Jollibee! For us to have energy, since there are 2 pieces of chickens in 1 lunch pack and it was too big, so we ask to take it out. Oh my god! How did the waiter do this? They were all good, their hands are fast in serving the food, cleaning, how could they do it? Or I should rephrase my question could I do it?
After a

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