The Kushner 's The Flamethrowers

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In Rachel Kushner’s The Flamethrowers displays how the economic status or social rank can indeed affect someone like Reno who is the main character but also to the other characters that are surrounded by her. From significant class differences causes this characters to experience mental distress and/or serve as a source of tension or conflict with others that is presented as oppression and resistance. This also can be referred by “Marxist Criticism”, which according to the Online Writing Lab at Purdue University, Marxist criticism looks closely at a character’s economic status or social rank and considers the ways in which the socioeconomic system is the ultimate source of a character’s experience. In the novel The Flamethrowers class is shown in several different ways it can be the way the character is look at by its background or appearance. For instance, Reno who’s background is that she grew up with her mother working nights and having her uncle Bobby be the parent that is described as “who hauled dirt for a living spent his final moments of life jerking his leg to depress the clutch while lying in the hospital, his body determined to operate his dump truck, clutching and shifting gears as he sped towards death on a hospital gurney” (Pg. 5). This suggests that Reno came from a low working class that did impact her life growing up and wants to change her future and when she is given an unforgettable chance to achieve that she is resisted that Sandro was going to stand in

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