The LCMS View of Baptism: The True Meaning of Baptism

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The LCMS View of Baptism:

The true meaning behind Baptism

Centuries ago, the Bible was written when God gave his only son who died on the cross for our sins. “Our” is standing for everyone in the world that God calls his children. Jesus Christ died on the cross with active and passive obedience. This means Jesus actively kept Gods Law for us, which we live by today. Jesus passively took away all of our sins, he died on the cross to take them away and we receive righteousness. Even if we are un-deserving, when Jesus died on the cross for everyone, it gives everyone the opportunity to have everlasting life with God. Baptism is one of the few things that God asks of everyone. The purpose of Baptism is to cleanse your sins and you will be forgiven. With the blessing of God, the Holy Water cleanses the person’s sins and they are given everlasting life.
In the 16th century, Martin Luther established Lutheranism in Europe when he diverged from the Catholic Church because he disagreed with some of their practices. Luther rejected traditions such as the role of priests and the fact that the Bible was only written in Latin. He ordered for the scriptures to be available in all languages that the so that his people could read the bible along with anyone else. One important practice in the Lutheran faith is infant baptism and the baptism of adults who believe in the Holy God. Some Lutheran groups rejected any Catholic traditions because they weren’t commanded

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