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LEGO the world biggest conglomerate of toy production fight for its consumers?! This concept is illustrated in the advertisements, used by LEGO. To illustrate, one of LEGO ads introduces the concept of child with healthy mind, who doesn't watch violence and awful things on TV, because he/she plays with none violent and harmless LEGO toys. The LEGO advertisement targets the significant part of population, people who have children, such as parents, grandparents and all other relatives. It uses methods of persuasion, indicated in Hirschberg's article, like pathos in picture, logos in copy and ethos showing the name of company(1). All in all the picture, a logo of the company and a copy describes the superiority of the product in comparison …show more content…
Thus, picture of drug addicted person is a “horror story” presented to adults audience, to frighten them, and make them think in children's future. Next, LEGO ad uses copy, which says “kids shouldn't watch too much TV”, as logical appeal, “logos”, which, according to Hirschberg “... make[s] [its] appeal in terms of reasons, evidence, or logic”(1). In the case of LEGO, advertisers use this statement to imply that children who watch too much TV will turn in drug addicts. This fact is obvious to all people, because logically, if child watch too much TV, he/she may view the scenes of violence, drug use, alcohol use and scenes of death. LEGO is trying to promote the idea that TV watching will lead to highly negative outcomes, despite the fact that this conclusion “cannot be sustained” (Hirschberg.6). In this way LEGO uses the popular opinion of society and shows it in exaggerated way, to evoke negative feelings. Thus, it gives logical evidence in its copy that children get defective examples from TV, so that logically they should turn to more wholesome and healthy alternatives if they play with LEGO. Then, LEGO as an old and well-known brand of toys conveys ideology of “best products for children”. In other words, “ethos”, or as Hirschberg calls it “...credibility” (1). The LEGO brand, states that it knows all

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