The LGBTQ Movement In The United States

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The LGBTQ movement has been taking place since the late 19th century (Morris, 2016) with many people now acknowledging and paying attention to the colorful movement in the 21st Century.
In the United States, a few endeavors were made to craft support groups getting behind gay and lesbian relations. However, gay life thrived in urban areas such as Greenwich Village during the Harlem resurgence in the 1920s. After World War II, there was a flow of enlightenment, which influenced a sense of greater awareness especially after Senator George McCarthy’s investigations on homosexuals holding public offices in the 1950s (Morris, 2016). The agitated for the first American political burdens for fair treatment in health and public employment of the LGBTQ
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It is particularly hard since the public does not view the LGBTQ movement as a moral issue. The reason is that the LGBTQ movement has always had a problem attaining a dignity or moral imperative that the black civil action had or the women's right movement. Also, the LGBTQ movement has usually been highly localized since it lacked an incredibly stimulating national…show more content…
These bills essentially enable businesses to refuse to hire or serving LGBT individuals in the name of religious freedom. By protesting this act, Tim Cook is actively influencing legislative policy, which is a real marksmanship of leadership. He is, therefore, has a huge impact on a state's economy than the total socially-aware customers making him a great asset to the LGBT community since he can influence the decision-making process in crucial issues affecting them.
In conclusion, leadership in the LGBT community is required, now more than ever, especially n corporate America in advocating for LGBTQ rights as fosters a culture of inclusive among employees while encouraging others to become achievers in their fields of interests without fear of discrimination (Wood,
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