The La Boheme Opera By Jonathan Larson

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Most viewers would often find themselves uncomfortable watching a film of characters diagnosed with AIDS. Rent [Musical Live on Broadway, 2008], by Jonathan Larson, is a musical about a group of young adults struggling to pay rent in the, impoverished, East Manhattan, NY. These events Jonathan Larson’s musical is similarly based on the La Bohéme opera composed by Giacomo Puccini. East Manhattan is impoverished with a plethora of homosexual, transvestite, and homeless residents. In the beginning of Act One, the main actors, Roger and Mark, express their irritation after their landlord demands them for rent money. Collin, Roger and Mark’s mutual friend, dates a transvestite named Angel. Mark’s ex-girlfriend, Maureen, is dating another woman, Joanne. Roger dates a dancer named Mimi. These characters, excluding Mark, are diagnosed with the HIV virus and develop a sincere relationship. A traumatic event resonates within the group, realizing that their days are limited because of the HIV virus and Mark will watch the process. This leads them disregard past instances and appreciate the days they have left with each other. Rent’s target audience was aimed at young adults, 18-25, with diverse situations. Rent’s dialogue, music/sound, and events are used to evoke the audience’s emotion evokes joyfulness and remorse for the cast’s by their experiences and diversity. Rent’s dialogue, music/sound, and events evoke the audience to feel cheerful and sympathetic through the diverse groups

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