The La Costena Commercial

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All We Need
The Costena launched their variety of salsas that ranged of a variety of flavors for different personalities and tastes. The company included theses following flavors: Green Medium, Homemade Mexican, Rancher and Arriera Salsa. The Costena had one goal and the goal was to accommodate all the different personalities and tastes, we have throughout the world, therefore, everyone can enjoy their delicious taste. The commercial titled "All We Need" purpose was to promote their variety of salsas to all customers. The commercial successfully includes pathos, egos, and logos to advertise their product by the well production and the recognition of the brand, convincing the audience with the cuteness and delights of the children who did not
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The commercial endeavors to persuade the audience by using ethos with the characters and the music selection. In the commercial, La Costena ensures that the customers can relate to the mothers and the children behavior. When each mother walked into the dining room the children began to whine at their mother's, “I do not want to eat this mommy.” The children behavior towards their meal creates an emotion of sympathy on the audiences or comprehension of the mothers’ emotions when their children do not want to eat the meal they prepared. The audience may feel bad for the children to eat their meal and instead they would personally prepare them a different meal, but with the variety of flavored salsas, they do not have to prepare another meal. Comprehending the mothers’ emotion creates the pathos to the commercial by their behavior when telling their child to eat their meal and if they do not eat it they will not leave the dining the…show more content…
The company goal was to convince the audience with their product and it will be the solution to every mother’s problem when their child does not want to eat the meal they prepared, even though it may not be true due to the ingredients in which some customers may be allergic to or other impediments. “All We Need” demonstrated ethos, pathos, and logos to convince all audiences with the variety of salsa flavors that can be eaten with every meal. The commercial guarantees the audience that after they place salsa on their meal their meal will taste
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