The Labor Market Participation Of Single Mothers

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This group that is being proposed will be a group to assist unemployed single mothers become self-sufficient. This group will be for all women of ethnic. background. A survey conducted by Raise the Nation, estimate that almost 38% of single mothers live below the poverty line, as a result of lack of education (Lowry 2010).
The Institute for Women’s Policy Research (2009) states that one out of every eight women who are the head of household for their families are unemployed. Increased employment was a central goal of the 1996 welfare reform. The labor market participation of single mothers has been a primary focus of welfare literature since then. Lerman & Ratcliffe (2001) write:
Moving welfare recipients from welfare to work was the
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68). The potential group member will also play a part in the screening process. Selection should be based on client’s needs and if they match up to the goals of the group.
An assessment will be given at the beginning of the group to determine the type of assistance required for each topic and each member. The assessment will be composed of six subscales; self-esteem, health care cost, finance, housing, education, and job search which coincide with the groups topics.
Role of Leader/Group Leadership
This group will have one group leader. This group will use a democratic style of group leadership. This democratic style helps group members to share responsibility and power in the group (Gladding, 2012). Power will be the motivating source in this group. Allowing the group members ownership in the process of group and this is important for the success of the group. The leader of the group will need to create an environment where the group members will trust each other. The Group leader may be need to be authoritarian at time acting as the expert in explaining activities. The leader will need to be directive in forming group rules and facilitating a safe environment for all group members. The leader will need to be aware of the time constraints while doing activities and leading discussions. The physical setting is the responsibility of the group leader.
Group Structure
The structure
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