The Labor Of Migrant And Seasonal Farmworkers

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Many economically important field crops in the United States depends on the labor of migrant and seasonal farmworkers. Over the past years the United States has had the largest population of immigrants. Of course many of these immigrants are from different places in the world; but the largest population is from Latin America. Over half of the immigrant population is from Latin America and almost 40% entered the US in the past decade (Pransky, 2002). Recently many of these immigrate live and work in the metropolitan area. The ages rang from 18 to 64. Considering the number of immigrants thriving the health status and needs of immigrants is important. This issue of immigrant farmworker is not being discussed in day to day basis. Many of these immigrants migrate for work but find themselves living in poverty, language barriers, working conditions, no health insurance and etc...Agriculture in the United States highly depends on chemicals like pesticide, growth regulator, and fertilizer. Every year 1 billion chemical is applied. Considering the amount of chemicals applied migrate are at a high risk of pesticide exposure since chemicals are in water, soil and plants. Pesticide exposure means getting pesticides in or on the body. This article will discuss four primary immigrates, reasons immigrate farm workers work mostly on fields, farm owner’s benefits, stress, pesticide explores, heavy machinery and treatments after being hurt. All of these terms will describe how they affects
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