The Laboratory Practices And Safety Precautions

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The laboratory practices and safety precautions that were demonstrated in the video will help reduce hazards, due to, these videos gave precise guideline, that, if, adhered to will keep all, safe. some of these advisements were, but, are not limited to, the proper handwashing technique, (thoroughly washing under warmest water, tolerated, for twenty seconds), disinfection of work area before and after working, allowing for only the lab manual/book to be on area along with experiment and equipment. Having knowledge of this information will give me the tools to be a safe operator while in the in the laboratory ensuring my safety, along with others that may be present. Additionally, reduction of accidents and injuries would occur when one knows and incorporates proper laboratory etiquette. Acquiring this information will give me knowledge of where and how to use an eyewash station, (lower head over station and allow water pressure to rinse out eyes). Additionally, in the case of small fires that need containment/clothing to begin with, Flames are only to be used under the supervision of the instructor. Along with, identify and be familiar with the use of dry chemical fire extinguishers that should be located in the hallways and laboratories where microbiology and labs in general are found. In regards to, this week’s discussion point, “How should you handle blood cultures and pathogenic strains in a laboratory to minimize contamination and eliminate chances of infection?”
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