The Laboratory Without Contamination Is Essential For The Study And Classifications Of The Unknown Bacterial Culture

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Introduction The ability to cultivate and identify organisms of interest in the laboratory without contamination is essential for the study and classifications of many life forms. Different techniques were used to differentiate the organisms. This process of transferring a microbe from one medium to the next is called inoculating. The organism chosen in class will be used to construct further testing. The purpose of this lab experiment was to find the identity of the unknown bacterial culture and use all the methods and the assessments that were introduced in the class. By doing that we had to use different techniques that guide us to find the right bacterium. A flowchart was given for the unknown to help us find the right bacterium that was in the test tube.
First step was to pick an unknown organism in a test tube and record the unknown number. The first test that was directed was a blood agar. The blood agar plate was divided into four quadrants. Second, take the loop and flame it through the Bunsen burner and obtain some organism from the unknown bacteria. Then transfer your unknown organism into each quadrant by taking your loop and dragging it from the first quadrant to the second quadrant. When doing this make sure to flame your loop through the Bunsen burner each time you transfer an organism into each quadrant. This process should be repeated until all of the four quadrants are filled with the unknown bacterium. The purpose of this process was to isolate…
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