The Lack Of A Central Holocaust Memorial

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ecrying the lack of a central Holocaust memorial in Germany, a group of German citizens begins a decade-long campaign for a highly visible, national "Memorial to Europe 's Murdered Jews." The idea for the memorial is first proposed by journalist Lea Rosh and historian Eberhard Jaeckel who together had made a documentary about the deportation and mass murder of Europe 's Jews between 1933 and 1945.

November 1992

Key decisions

The German government decides that the memorial should be devoted only to Jewish victims of the Holocaust and designates a prominent location in the center of the newly-unified city of Berlin: The five-acre site will lie due south of the Brandenburg Gate, which until 1989 had divided East and West Berlin. The site is also just a few steps from the buried remains of the bunker where Adolf Hitler committed suicide. Amidst the Berlin 's tremendous construction boom (which garnered it the nickname "Europe 's Hong Kong"), the monument is but one of many construction projects that anticipate the relocation of the German federal government from Bonn to Berlin by the year 2001 -- the same year that the monument is scheduled to be unveiled.

November 1993

Another memorial is dedicated

Germany dedicates one of its central monuments, the "Neue Wache," or New Guard House, to "the victims of war and tyranny." Inside is a classical statue of a woman cradling her grown, slain son, an enlargement of one of German Chancellor Helmut Kohl 's favorite works. Critics…
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