The Lack Of Authenticity : The Cost Of Conformity

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The Lack of Authenticity: The Cost of Conformity In the Merriam Webster Dictionary, conformity is defined as “behavior that is the same as the behavior of most other people in a society, group, etc.” People have been conforming to fit in with the group, to not be seen as the odd one out. Following road signs is a method in which people conform. It is for the safety of others and ourselves. In almost all cases, people will conform to what they believe or what they stand is right. However, there can play a major downfall when people conform, they lose a sense of individuality. Sexual orientation plays a pivotal role in defining ourselves. Our orientation influences our current and future relationships, behaviors, and our potential…show more content…
This can lead to frustration. People who choose to conform to the world’s view so that they can fit in society are not free from who they truly are. People should live with being free to be who you are in a society that tells you otherwise. Conforming to not only sexual orientation but to peer pressure has the potential to also be detrimental to your identity. Peer pressure is the stress or pressure of doing something based upon the attitudes or behaviors of the group. There are several positive effects of peer pressure, yet this is only to positive actions. The need to be accepted or fitting in has the potential to be negative. The college social scene is characterized with the consumption of alcohol. The perceived normality of drinking on a college campus is apparent as “nearly half of all students routinely engage in heavy, or binge drinking” (Crawford 18). With almost half of the college population, participating seems to be the norm around college campuses around the country. Many people drink so that they can fit in with the majority, and many people have been pressured to drink. People can use this to peer pressure be inclined into drinking. However, there are people who have gone against the whole notion of the drinking lifestyle. This has been called the Straight Edge movement. This group of people have chosen not to conform to the recreational lifestyle that abstained
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