The Lack Of Ethnic Food

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The Lack of Authenticity of Ethnic Foods in the U.S As the globalization progresses, there are increasing number of people expanding immigrate to other countries. At this point, the ethnic food also come with them into other countries. For example, the American fast-food chains, such as McDonald 's and KFC, substantially adjust their menus, including by providing special items, into the non-US markets. Stern mentioned that the restaurant should depend on scrambling to come up with new dishes to please local tastes. (Stern). The chains have removed and added special menu items to ethnic cuisines to adapt local tastes. In the modern American society, ethnic dining is a significant part in American life, because around half of all meals consumed in America are coming from other countries. According to Lu and Fine, more than 30,000 Chinese restaurants operate in the United States even though Chinese Americans constitute a small percentage of the overall population (Lu and Fine). These restaurants were influenced on external market facts, which to be Americanization, they had to transform ingredient and techniques of traditional recipes to meet American tastes (Lu and Fine). Despite those changes made food to be popular in American market, the question about that lack of authenticity of ethnic foods also was coming. And it was results in ethnic food to become Americanization ethnic foods. As a result, the original ethnic food lacks their authenticity, and it could be reflected
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