The Lack Of Leadership Management

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The Lack of Leadership
The management problem is about a Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Precision Imaging Centers (PIC), which affects the corporate guidance, display ineffective communication skills, lack of employee motivation, presents questionable actions of moral leadership, and inspire the need for corporate change. First of all, the CEO does not present a mission for the PICs corporation and no vision can be formed; therefore, lacks corporate direction and lacks supportive communication within the organization. Secondly, the officer displays ineffective communication skills with department managers and the actions prove to be an obstacle, which effect interpersonal and conceptual skills throughout the company. In addition, the
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449). Secondly, the Chief Executive Officer is an organizational leader following standards of conducts that refer “the officer reasonably believes to be in the corporation’s best interest” (Thompson, 2008, p. 17). A strong leader can only lead when that leader knows what direction they are going. For example, one activity for distributing from centralized leadership is “a structural layer that forms the overall frame and direction for knowledge creation in the organization”; therefore, knowledge of proper management skills is important (Jain & Jeppesen, 2013, p. 349). To overcome a leaderless organization an employee or manager can take initiative by setting department goals that include a mission and a vision. Then, strategically formulate organizational goals that support the corporation’s best interests. All in all, an organizations department management team can create a strategic management process per department that supports the organizations best interest.
A strategic management plan plays a significant role in the PIC organization because the CEO avoids financial planning questions and fails to assemble management meetings; nonetheless, the organization suffers from the lack of communication. The CEO’s ability to use interpersonal and conceptual skills support greater communication within the organization, but the avoidance in utilization of each skill will negatively affect the organizations productivity. For example, “communication
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