The Lack Of Male Primary School Teachers

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The question I am planning to contest in my dissertation is “Why is there a lack of male primary school teachers in the UK?” One in four primary schools in England still has no male registered teacher, which has led to questions about positive male role models. The General Teaching Council for England statistics show that in March 2013, only 26,208 men were working as primary school teachers, compared to 185,023 women - and the proportions are virtually unchanged since last year. In Scotland only 8% of primary school teachers are male, while about 15% are male in Northern Ireland.
Within my dissertation, I plot to not only research why there are very few male primary teachers within the UK, but try to dissect the question even more. By
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Much of what I have learned regarding taking consideration and educating of young children has been directed to me by women; with this being the situation whether a male has an effect on the way a child learns or creates can be addressed. Should a male be rehearsing the same teaching methods as women are then does the sexual orientation of the teacher really have any kind of effect on how the child responds to the teacher and in turn how the child learns. Why primary school teaching has been labelled as a typically female profession is likewise something that interests me. Can anyone explain why a female would generally be viewed as more suited to a job than a male like myself? Is it true that this is just on the grounds that women are the child bearers, or is it as an aftereffect of gender stereotyping stemming back to times where the patriarch went up against a "breadwinner" role while women took care of the children or is it due to the other contributing factors?
The issue of having an adjusted sexual orientation representation on the showing staffs of schools is a matter of worry to educationalists. It is viewed as vital by them that the educating of children ought not to be seen as purely a female task but rather that students ought to encounter both men and women working in classrooms. Educators have likewise communicated worry about issues, for example, assorted qualities inside of the calling what 's more, the status of a calling
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