The Lack Of Music Education Programs

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The Lack of Music Education Programs in Our Schools
While the United States is only experimenting with Arts based schools, countries around the world have been using Arts based curricula for years with overwhelming academic success (Oddleifson: 1989). Music instruction is described as a powerful tool that educators can use to promote academic achievement and mental discipline. As she further continues, Music is more than learning to sing and play an instrument, more than entertaining or pleasing the audience, more than a pleasant diversion or recreation. Music is a science, a mental discipline, it is an art. It has a mathematical foundation and above all it is a physical activity. (Joyce Kelstroom 98:41) As this subject is defined, it incorporates all the other disciplines that students learn at school, why then do we lack Music program in our schools?
Even though, according to No Child Left Behind, Music is a core subject. There is no guarantee that children from elementary school will receive Music Education from early age until high school. Music education is a core subject from Kindergarten through 5th Grade. During Middle School, they can choose either Music or Visual Arts. As a core subject, how is it that it does not hold the same value and weight as other core subjects? The government emphasize on what they consider basic and fundamental: Mathematics and Reading.
The future and role of music in the schools depends on administrators, who will only make music part…
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