The Lack Of Privacy On Workers Performance Essay

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utonomy is defined as the capacity of persons to make rational choices about themselves.(466) One of Lippke strongest argument is that many companies show distrust in employees by doing a various of testing including drug testing and polygraphs testing. Lippke makes good analyses whether any of these testing and other requirements that jobs ask for are “job-related “ and the negative impact it brings when innocent employees are tested. It causes the feelings of unworthiness by employees or sometimes feelings of embarrassment. In general, it gives a low moral into employees nationwide. In this essay I will be discussing the feeling of worker have toward themselves and how the lack of privacy can affect workers performance. I will also be discussing how employees have little in decision making and it is a vital part of human autonomy. Privacy being invaded causing people to make little decisions for themselves. Lastly, I will be discussing the imbalance of power between employees and the job companies because of private information is being exposed. Critiques don’t argue that privacy isn’t valuable but disagree with Lippke and believe isn 't is a relation to autonomy but it does have relations. Privacy can be complex but according to Lippke; Privacy is defined as “control over someone information” and control who can experience or observe us.”(467) It is important because people want to make certain decisions autonomously and we want to control our own information. Everyday
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