The Lack Of Purpose In Life In A Mercy By Toni Morrison

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It was once said that idle hands are the devil’s workshop, but what about idle minds? Toni Morrison’s novel, A Mercy, takes place in Virginia around the 17th century. We are taken to a farm owned by Jacob Vaark and on the farm, Jacob lives with his wife and their three servants. His second recruitment out of the three servants was an orphaned girl named Sorrow. Morrison’s character, Sorrow, lived a life along a path that had already been predetermined for her. Morrison shows how being lost can make you defenseless to other people who can take advantage of your vulnerability. Sorrow was lost because she was unable to find her own happiness by allowing others to decide it for her. However, Morrison shows that even after being taken advantage of, one can always realize that they can help themselves when no one else can. After finding her belonging through motherhood, she gained a purpose through her own means and discovering that she wants to do everything to provide for her child. Morrison illustrates the importance of finding a purpose in life through Sorrow’s transformation from being lost to finding her place in life due to motherhood in order to achieve happiness. Morrison shows the connection between the importance of finding one’s purpose and interacting with the society. Through Sorrow, Morrison shows how due to the lack of support from others, it is hard to find one's purpose. Sorrow’s lack of motivation stemmed from the lack of engagement she had with other people
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