The Lack Of Quality Of Sleep

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Recent research suggests that the way one eats may be related to one’s overall quality of sleep. Those suffering from poor quality of sleep experience disorders such as sleep apnea, narcolepsy, Klein-Levin syndrome, and other chronic abnormal sleep patterns. The lack of quality of sleep tends to be most prevalent among adolescents and young adults. Some research links the relationship to certain intake of nutrients or to the implementation of specific diets. Others relate the issue to lack of exercise. A person’s quality of sleep contributes much to their daily mood and success. For adolescents and young adults, sleep is crucial to their academic success and health. It may not be realized how a specific diet can contribute to the quality and duration of sleep (Cespedes, Hu, Redline, Rosner, Gillman, Rifas Shiman, & Taveras, 2016). Part of this reason is for the lack of knowledge of the effects that nutrients have on the human body. As a result of this, there may be many who lack a good night sleep. Examining the effects and results of poor eating habits can indicate a correlation to this issue (Bel, Michels, Patterson, Cuenca-GarcÃa, Diethelm, Gutin, & De Henauw, 2013). Sleep disorders do not occur suddenly but rather develop in a subtle manner (Chaput, 2014). These sleeping disorders may be a result of poor diets including lack of nutrition, or even an excess of certain substances. Eating habits have been proven to have an effect on sleep quality, however,
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