The Lack Of Quantitative And Qualitative Coverage Of Global Climate Change Essay

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Ash 1 This document explores the lack of quantitative and qualitative coverage of global climate changes in the newspapers of the United States, which contributes to the American society’s poor knowledge of scientific facts regarding this subject. Considering that the newspapers are one of the many good sources from which people get up-to-date information, and that a considerable number of people still have high regard for the press media as a reliable source of vital news reports, it is unreasonable to undermine the connection between journalistic practices and our knowledge about global climate change. Unfortunately, in spite of the plethora of scientific research and evidence-based data corroborating the earth’s climate crisis, this problem is scarcely reported in the press media. This document also attempts to put into perspective the reasons why some –less significant- topics are largely covered in the American newspapers, while other issues of paramount importance are neglected. “While the perceived adequacy of one’s level of information about a particular problem is often studied as a precursor to information seeking, perceived ‘information sufficiency’ about environmental problems might also be the result of environmental news coverage (Riffe & Hrach, 2009 p.9).” Thus, the fashion in which news papers present the topic of global climate
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