The Lack Of Trust Law Enforcement

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The Lack of Trust in Law Enforcement: The Effects of Community Policing Policing by its very nature is reactive; citizens make the call and police officers respond. In an effort to transition from the traditional method of policing and improve the relationship between law enforcement and the communities they serve, police agencies across the country are implementing community policing strategies and social media campaigns. The lack of trust the public has in the police is a problem and the only way to address this issue is to identify the concern and research the topic, while simultaneously considering the different perspectives from every angle. In recent years, there have been several police officer involved shootings and incidents that gained national media attention based on the justification of the force used to subdue the suspect(s). These incidents were scrutinized because they involved officers who allegedly used excessive or deadly force, when less than lethal options may have been available. These types of incidents have fostered concern amongst Americans and rattled the public’s trust in police departments across the country. This is unfortunate because law enforcement is designed to protect and serve citizens from hurt, harm, and danger, while preserving the liberties of Americans in the “land of the free, home of the brave,” (Key, 1814). The skepticism in the hearts and minds of Americans regarding police conduct is a serious social issue. According to
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