The Lack of Diversity in Higher Education Institutions

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This essay will be arguing that colleges and universities should promote more efforts to diversify and create equal representation of all students. Attending higher education institution for minorities has been an uneasy struggle and one that few minorities accomplish. The dilemma of African American enrollment for example, in a college lecture hall at Texas A&M containing 250 seats, only a maximum 4 out of 250 seats will contain African American students. Unfortunately, many institutions are similar to Texas A&M University, they have an underrepresentation of minorities their on campus in relationship to white students. The lack of diversity keeps stigmas associated with racism relevant and disregards the demographic representation of…show more content…
When African American Students are not admitted into the organizations segregation is a factor because students have a right to choose who they would like to admit into the organizations without justification. When student cannot find similarities with other students at large institutions they experience isolation, fear, and feel disconnected. This results in an unequal representation of minorities because many students to discontinue attendance when they are forced to attempt to assimilate to an opposing society. Assimilation would require students to begin to use the customs of the majority society and results in losing their individual identity. Integration however, proposes that students began to diversify and learn about other cultures. Diversity should be of a priority in higher institutions because multicultural environments will be conducive to all students. The lack of diversity within higher education causes many minorities to assimilate to the major culture and lose the individual identities. Oppose to assimilating to the majority culture there are several benefits from diversity students maintain their individuality and accept new cultures in demographically challenged institutions. Emilia Plonska scholarly essay The Importance of Socio-Cultural Context of Learning Specificity of Working with
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