The Lady And Her Five Suitors Essay

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In the face of adversity, people often lose hope, but sometimes the smallest hint of love can help them be strong. Three alluring stories,“The Lady and Her Five Suitors,” from The Thousand and One Nights, “Bahiyya’s Eyes,” from Distant View of a Minaret by Alifa Rifaat, and Zainab Salbi’s NPR interview, “How Do People Live and Cope in the Midst of Violent Conflict,” all portray the sorrows of Muslim Women. Yet despite their hardships and obstacles, these women find strength in love. With this strength they become motivated to stand up to challenges and bounce back stronger than they were before to overcome their adversities. In this way the three sources suggest that love is the motivation of resilience. Their love for their beloved gives…show more content…
One by one the woman lures authority figures, saying to each one of them, “‘If it must be, you must come to my home and sleep through the afternoon and evening there,” and just like this she arranges for five suitors to meet her at her home (Arabian Nights). The protagonist capitalizes on her seductiveness and beauty and tricks the five suitors into fulfilling favors that will help release her lover, and she does this without them noticing that they are being tricked. Her love for her beloved, compels her to take desperate measures, while being cautious and tenacious. Such actions demonstrates that the woman is willing to do anything just to be with the person she loves. Furthermore, Bahiyya, an elderly lady is described in the short story “Bahiyya’s Eyes,” who will soon lose her sight because of the tears she has cried for being born a girl. After recalling her tragic childhood of humiliation and loneliness, Bahiyya writes to her daughter, “It’s all a question of fate and destiny and it’s that that made me write to you and ask you to come right away so I could take a good long look at you before my sight goes away.” (Rifaat, 7). Though she can barely see, Bahiyya endures her pain to wait for her daughter to come.
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