The Lady And The Tiger Alternate Ending Essay

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ending to the lady and the tiger

The man, saying his prayers, opened the door and suddenly a fierce tiger came out roaring.”Auuuuggg,” the man screamed in so much pain.The man got scratched and his arm was completely broken because he couldn't move it at all and it really hurt.He fought the tiger with one arm and he grabs a stick from the wooden door and he stabbed the tiger with the sharp piece of wood.After that the tiger looked at the scratch and it got mad and pulled its actual claws out that were about five inches long
.The man fought the tiger but very soon he was on the ground with his whole body clawed by the tiger.The tiger was about to eat the man but suddenly the princess came out.”I’ll help you” the princess said.She got another
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The father was rushing to her as this was happening and he figured out that he was to late and he started crying but the whole crowd of people all gasped in fright.”Whhhhhhyyyy,” he said.
Then now back to the princess, she stabbed the tiger but still it didn’t go down.Then the tiger was very mad and it went as fast at it could at the princess and she dodged it the first time but the second time she knew that she couldn’t dodge it.
Then the woman in the other door came out because she was grateful for the princess and she was smart and had an actual knife and she came out and stabbed the tiger from back side and finally the tiger went down for good.
The two girls hugged the girls were friends forever.The king had no idea that she was even alive and the princess came up and hugged the king and she was crying when she was hugging him.

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