The Lady Or The Tiger Short Story

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This princess did indeed have a barbaric nature. Would her intense, savage blood of her family triumph the slight tenderness that she possessed in her soul? The door was opening. People on the outside of the great stadium were breathless as they listened vigilantly for the lady or the tiger. The hinges buckled upon the wooden door’s weight. Many people peered through their sweaty fingers; breaths quivering, waiting for the bloody scream from the man. The princess had known what door she had picked and almost second-guessed her choice. Brutally waiting, the King was on the edge of his seat. He was ready for a show.
“Creek.” The door gradually opened. The stunning princess watched while tears beaded down her glowing cheeks. Her mind was playing tug of war. She didn’t know if she had done the right thing. The man gazed over at his lover, for he had put his trust in her decision. This made her weep even harder. No man that has ever set foot in that …show more content…

Little did he know that he could go dancing with the devil. A devil with two fangs as long as his finger. He was unarmed, and knew that if he wanted a chance to live, he would need to fight. Time was going in slow motion as the tiger’s powerful haunches propelled its weight forward at rapid speed when it shattered through the wooden door. It was a magnificent animal, the fiercest that lived in the outskirts of the village. It was a shame that the tiger had to go. The man quickly dodged the tiger. He felt betrayed that his beloved would do this to him, but he realized he would soon walk a fine line of life or death. The tiger did a one eighty and kicked up a cloud of dirt. His claws dug into the dry Earth. He was ready to pounce. The man was sweating bullets; his heart was beating against his chest. They were having an eye to eye stare down. The tiger’s beady yellow eyes pierced the man’s heart; but the man could not help but stare at this outstanding

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