The Lady With An Ermine

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In the first version, there was just a portrait of Cecilia, with no animal. In the second attempt, Leonardo included a small grey ermine. In the third and final version, a large white ermine replaced the grey ermine. This progress really shows why Leonardo da Vinci had so much trouble finishing his paintings. Also, originally the background was blue, but in 1800, Prince Adam Czartoryski bought the piece for Princess Izabella. She did not like the painting very much. “If it 's a dog, it 's a very ugly one” she remarked. Taking a disliking to the blue background, she had it urgently repainted jet black.
The Lady with an Ermine, a famous painting with a mysterious title, is significant because it is one of a handful of Renaissance portraits
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In the painting I chose, you can see a hint of a smile on Cecilia’s lips as she looks at something the viewer cannot see. Artists started using new techniques to make their art look more realistic. Perspective was a huge role to transform a regular painting into a more 3-dimensional looking one. This made it look like you were actually in the painting, for example something that is farther away will look smaller than something right next to you. The subjects in “The Lady and the Ermine” are in ¾ view, which demonstrates the use of perspective. Balance and proportion were also important; this is when drawing subjects are the correct size when compared to each other. As you can see, the ermine is the proper size compared to the lady. Many artists also starting using light and shadows, or also known as “chiaroscuro”, in their works to add drama, perspective, and timing to their art. Leonardo showed this very well in all his paintings, not just in the one I chose. The shadows are very evident in this painting, Leonardo even went as far as adding shadows to the creases in Cecilia 's fingers. In 1470 oil paint was brought to Italy, and artists started using them due to their beautiful rich color, which helped increase detail and depth. In addition, in paintings textures and patterns had started to appear. I you look at the painting I chose, you can see that there are patterns and designs on the lady’s dress, and you can see
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