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The Lady of Shallot "The Lady of Shallot," by Alfred, Lord Tennyson, acts as a voice for people struggling with materialism of the industrial age. Tennyson became famous for reflecting the "idealism of an industrious society that was nonetheless racked by deep doubts about its materialism" (The Longman Anthology Of British Literature p. 1908). The curse of the mysterious lady of the poem could be thought of as the curse of the people subcombing to the dreaded materialism and giving up the Victorian innocent ideals. Furthermore, the lady represents Tennyson himself as he suffered from a personal battle between the desire for glamour's fame, and the need to stay an innocent poet. In Looking at the viewpoint of Tennyson…show more content…
Also in isolation is "The Lady of Shallot who} is protected from the corruption of the outside world. She views the world from her mirror, as "And Moving thro a mirror clear/That hangs before all the year, /Shadows from the world appear" (LL.46-480). The darkness of shadows is her view of the world. The lady demonstrates Tennysons had labor moral as her tapestries are to his poems with "Their she weaves by night and day" (l37). Furthermore, nobody has laid eyes on the mysterious lady, "but who hath seen her wave her hand? /Or is she known in all the land" (LL.24-26). When we look at Tennyson as content with his seclusion, we see also see a man who also desired his poetry to be heard. . Perhaps it was the voice of disapproval foe materialism to be heard from by the public, torn by the materialism brought with fame. He had been said to have a desire to be famous, and was called "the most instinctive rebel against the society in which he was the most perfect conformist" (p.1911). The need for fame could be the temptation for materialism, or perhaps the recluse giving into materialism gave leverage for his poems to be heard. The conflict can be thought of as Tennyson's curse, causing opposing feelings. The curse is reflected in "The lady of Shallot." At first, the lady is content in seclusion. She becomes mesmerizes by materialism of glittering gold of the Red Crosse Knight. His
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